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In the early 1960's NASA discovered a vast and advanced civilization on the Moon with their first space probes. While this civilization was able to shield itself from all Earth-based visual detection devices, President Kennedy's speech from 1961 that declared the intent to "Put a man on the Moon and return him safely to the Earth" was not designed as a space race with the Soviet Union, but to secretly establish contact with this newly discovered civilization. This discovery was classified and false images from the Moon were transmitted during all the Apollo missions. When the Earth mission of this new civilization was discovered, political forces demanded that President Nixon end manned missions to the Moon in 1972. First World commences in the year 2018 when the Chinese government announces it is making its first manned mission to the Moon within 24 hours. What does this civilization represent? Why was it covered up? Who knows about its existence? What is their mission? And what lengths will some go to protect Earth and our way of life?
China's first manned mission to the Moon reveals the Apollo 11 cover-up that mankind has never been alone.
I really enjoyed First World. Often, for me, the Sci-Fi and Action genres are the hardest to follow because of the number of relationships, and subplots that arise, but I was very happy to see that First World keeps things uncomplicated yet thought-provoking. I loved, loved, loved the music score. I also enjoyed the way the historical and Biblical quotes were incorporated, as if there were some timeless, universal understanding that there could be something more out there. I'd love to see the full-length feature but agree with one of the comments left below regarding how effective it would be as an on-going series with suspense building up episode after episode! Good luck!!
In the years bereft of any truly stand-out epics, we are forced to look harder and harder for the smaller gems-in-the-rough. First World is just such a gem. Somewhere between Close Encounters and Stargate, First World doesn't overwhelm you, it sort of sneaks up on you. I screened it first at ApolloCon 2007 (and we'll be showing it again this year), and enjoyed it very much, as did our audience. It's not an action-packed laser-fest, it's a thought-provoking what-if in an alternate universe. If you're looking for oozing aliens and screaming space battles, this is not what you want. If, on the other hand, you want to think about "what's out there" (and just how close "out there" might really be" catch a screening of First World.

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